What’s the Purpose?

As our world continuesly evolves and changes, the digital landscape has reached further and further into new horizons. We are on earth at a very interesting point in time, while old ways of doing business are being cast aside for newer, digital based practices with an indefinite amount of opportunity and growth.

With that being said, our online presence becomes more increasingly important by the day. Not only as a company, but as a person as well.

Covid-19 has forced us all to take a deep look at work-life balance and who and what we want to be and represent in this world. I, for one want to represent change.

How do we keep up in the Era of Digital… Everything?

I’m not sure there is a straight answer for this, as I can’t possibly fathom how much social media and online retail will change over the course of the next decade. But I can say that it will be digital. And this is my attempt at that.

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