The most solid resons why you should make an investment in yourself

You only have 1 life to live. You are wherever you go and whatever you do. By taking the initiative to invest in yourself- in your personal growth- you are capitalizing on the biggest asset you will ever have.
It keeps you from repeating past mistakes. By investing in your personal growth, you are learning from where you went wrong and much less likely to keep making the same mistakes again and again.

What do you think are the most important reasons for investing in yourself? Comment below.

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Yes the greatest investment is in an investment yourself .

If you want to improve then you need to invest in you .

If you love yourself you will invest in yourself .

A dentist appointment or an annual check up with your physician is an investment.

Hiring a personl trainer is an investment.

People do these things frequently and don’t realize how big of an investment that it is .

You should be proud of yourself .

Smart people recognize the changes you have made and then look at you differently.

Look at the amount of people walking around with bad hygeine.

The person with bad hygeine doesn’t stand a chance of some one investing in them.

Now a person with good hygeine has self respect .

Change is not always physical sometimes it’s a promotion in the work place .

If you want others to invest in you…

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